Friday, August 26, 2011

The One With Gotta Start Shopping!

August is almost over and September is here. I know, it's the start of BER months and Christmas is drawing near! So, that's probably why I keep thinking about exquisite little something like beading supplies from Beadaholique and yes, gift vouchers for discount deals on the Internet! Of course, I am not getting addicted with online deals, it's just that it's nice browsing through the offers and thinking "hey! I could give this as a Christmas gift!" and you know it's almost Christmas and everyone will start Christmas shopping soon, so I really just want to start my shopping early, that' all. And I AM NOT ADDICTED to online deals at all. Hehehe. I don't sound convincing even to myself :) Ok, Ok, I love online deals! Ahahaha! One of these days, I'll tell you more about the craziest deals I've ever got. But they're really fun, aren't they?!

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