Friday, August 19, 2011

The One With Successful Exams

So examination week is over for my little preschooler. She aced all her exams and made me a proud mommy once more. I'm still thinking of a good reward for her conscientiousness at school (I don't even have to urge her to study!), but since she's always managed to twist me around her little fingers every time she wanted something and I've graciously gave in to her wishes, I might as well not think of a reward any more and just let her pick what kind of Barbie, or dress or skirt or whatever, she wants this time. Really, I may have to buy barcode scanners in the near future to keep tabs of her purchases! Hehehe. But of course, as long as it's within my power, she can always have what she wants :) Congratulations, Simone! We love you!

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