Saturday, December 17, 2011

The one with HMR

I did mention in my previous post about how best buy items are in HMR. and no one can argue with that.  They have way improved their items and when i went there a few days ago, I was going crazy with the items.  They have everything! from refurbished computers to cake decorating items and brand new shoes. I love it! Here are my purchases:

~ honeycomb queen size, complete set - flat sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, all 300 thread count.  Price: 990.00 you can buy this at regular price of 2k up.
~ Puma red sneakers for simon size 10 1/2 at 790.00. Oh my, i can just jump for joy. and to think that i accidentally saw this near the counter because someone left it there and it's available already for sale. so happy! it fits Simon well. super nice too. :) and i really think it's genuine :)
~ Cupcake decorating set at 200.00 - i bought it for my sister in law.  was supposed to buy the cupcake stand too but ran out of stock

I will surely go back to HMR soon. love it! the best!!!

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