Saturday, December 17, 2011

The one with when we get older

Next week, we will be celebrating our 6th anniversary as husband and wife.  And I'm amazed how time flies so fast.  It still feels like it's just two years ago when we got married.  A lot of things happened and changed but i can still say we're still the same couple.  Although, it made me think how we will be like twenty years from now. And here are things i think we will be doing then:

~ Simon might be playing golf.  He's not a basketball person so i think he can get interested with golf since when that time comes, he would need to choose a sport for himself.  By then, i'm foreseeing that there would be more high tech gadgets for golf, like gps systems for golf, more sophisticated golf clubs and gears.  I still don't get the hype of playing golf but i think golf will fit him well.

~ I might have another kid and hopefully if we're on target with our baby project, s/he will be seven years younger than simone. :)

~ I hope Simone has a fulfilling job that she loves or a business that she dreams of.  I hope she will be with someone she prays and hopes for :)

~ I hope I still have Partyboosters by then :)

Everything that we hope when we get older, as long as it's according to God's plan, I'll continue to go with the flow...

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