Saturday, December 17, 2011

The one with bacolod trip

The short trip we had last week was fun.  I felt i needed to blog about it and share the cost and share our experience.

Travel date: December 11 to 13, 2011
Manila to Bacolod via Cebupacific

Airline tickets: I was able to book the ever famous piso fare of Cebupacfic.  For us three, a total of 1,200.00 (or 400.00 each person for a round trip ticket to Bacolod) if it's not a best deal, i don't know what is. hahaha.  The service was okay.  We went to NAIA 3 so airport was ok.  Our flights were both on time, i'm so happy. My sister and brother in law got the airphil promo and both their flights were delayed for almost an hour. 

Bacolod airport was ok.  It was'nt big but for a provincial airport, it was nice enough. (at least the restrooms were all working) haha

Resort: Ayu Spa White Beach and Resort
Peso power: 4,500.00 for a 3D/2N accommodation of a Deluxe Room with balcony.

Going to Ayu Spa took us almost 4 hours of travelling by land.  Good thing the hotel booked us a van where we can all share with the cost. (separate rating on the van) 

When we went to the resort, it was not love at first sight compared when we went to Bohol. hihi.  It was 5pm already, high tide and could'nt appreciate the beach that much.  I was wearing a maxi dress and all i could think of was, "i should have bround northface jackets here" because it was cold that day.I thought "so this is it?"  But Bacolod is an island you will learn to love and appreciate.  I love the fact that it's closer to nature.  You can actually hear birds chirping or some animal making an unusual sound.  You learn to appreciate the simplicity of life and how wonderful it is to feel the serenity.  The reason why there are rooms in the resort that do not have TVs. of course, since we were with the kiddo, we had to have a TV. hahaha

Anyway, going back, what i love about the resort was the service.  They served us midnight snacks, the waiters were so courteous.  Even if there were no phones in the room, you can easily ask for anything to be served in your room since their staff would roam around the hotel every now and then.  I also loved the fact that we were only 7 who were checked in at that time, so it felt like it was exclusive to us.

I'll continue with my post...sorry to cut this short

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