Saturday, December 17, 2011

The one with instant power

Don't judge me with what i'm about to blog...hahaha.

Just want to share an interesting experience and realization I had recently.  A couple of months back i bought a designer bag, well if you're one of the few who follow this blog, im sure you know what i'm talking about.  It took me a whole year to decide on it and one of the reasons of starting to own one is because it gives a certain "leverage" to my type of clients.  And it turned out, it somehow did.

Just the other day, i met up with a client.  They're actually the parents of my client, my overseas client who found about me in the internet.  So picture this, the parents are oldies and not as techie too, so when it comes to dealing with suppliers, they expected the traditional "contract signing" etc where in fact, i've been corresponding with their daughter for months already and confirmed a lot of things about the party.  So anyway, they met up with me to give a partial payment in person.  I had the impression they did'nt want to give it at first, thinking that i may be just a bogus.  I was a bit (slight lang naman) offended and when they asked for the contract, i went to the car, got my "bag", ipad and the contract.  I don't know why i had to bring everything, but it was an impulsive act.  When i gave out the Tea Party Invitations my client asked me to make, I felt i showed off a lot of my "things".  Then all of a sudden (im not sure if it's just me), they felt comfortable talking to me.  All of a sudden, they agreed to giving the partial payment.  I know it sounded materialistic on my part and felt something's not right in the picture, but the truth of the matter is, i felt there's some truth in it as well.  That at times, you really have to prove your "worth" thru material things you possess because they really don't know you from the start.  They will only depend on impressions, and factors that add to these impressions are things that you own, the car you drive and your personality.  I felt like i was trying to impress them or something. hahaha.

But when they warmed up to me, i had a great time chatting with them too.  I also realized maybe it's really not easy to trust people, add to the fact that they really don't know me. So in the end, i still understood the situation :)

hehe, just want to share...again, no judging please. ;)

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