Monday, December 19, 2011

The one with Christmas program

It was Simone's 1st Christmas program in school. I was a bit nervous since the first time she participated in their school activity, she was so not in the mood and the costume that her lola made was not even used. So we did'nt expect that much.  But to my surprise, she participated the whole time.  We're proud parents to see her just up there (the venue was at SM Cinema 2 Masinag) and she knew the actions albeit the many absences during rehearsals. hahaha.

Congratulations KILA for a job well done! Even the decors were made by the school staff themselves.  They bought a lot of styro, flex tube, paints and glitters to make a nice backdrop for every change of scene in the christmas program :)

Thank you anak! We're proud of you!

More pictures to follow :)

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