Saturday, September 03, 2011

The one with notes

So talking more about which one to get, the husband did'nt stop comparing notes and made a list of what to like about Tablet and what not to like about it.  I only remembered a couple of things:

To like:
- it acts like a phone too so very practical
- ok for documents too
- of for internet
- set up is close to that of Windows

Not to like:
- its size and how awkward you look when you use it as a phone
- if you dont have bluetooth, you'd have to always get your headset just to answer a call
- it hangs every now and then

Waaahh! Because he influenced me with taking this decision-making seriously, i now have to make a more thorough research on which is better.  Hayzz.... Can't i just have both??? your dreams!

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