Saturday, September 03, 2011

The one with more about carb counting

I now have kept a new habit...count the carbs. hahaha. Whenever I go to the grocery, I try to look at the label and count the carbs so i'd know if i'd be exceeding my daily quota of carbs.  I'm not saying I'm that strict but it helps to be more conscious so there's more broader line for allowances. haha.

I found it surprising that some of the foods that i know are fattening may not be as bad as you think.  Take for example, full fat cream. Did'nt you know that it's just 4g of carbo.  Cheddar cheese is only 5g.  Coke Zero and Coke light is nada! as in 0 carbs! yahoo! haha.  It makes me sane.  :)  I got surprised that spanish sardines is like 20g of carb. and i thought i can eat any fish. i guess it's how it was cooked that made it very carbo-loaded.

I think this regimen has made me more health conscious and i think it has given me more positive results than bad.  I'll be undergoing a check-up soon and check thru one of those welch allyn and other tests and see if all my tests are normal. :)

wish me luck more!

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