Saturday, September 03, 2011

The one with early christmas gift???

Simon and I closed a new project recently and as a reward, he was asking me if i wanted him to buy me an iPad. i thought he was just kidding and then he asked me again if i wanted one.  He thought it will be really useful for my meetings, will make my life easier and all those stuff.  I have such a sweet husband.  It scares the heck out of me, he might be wanting something in return. (hahaha, a bigger gadget maybe???)

So now, we are weighing whether we want a tablet or an ipad for me.  hehe. I'm still undecided to be honest and i know not many will agree with me.  When your husband wants to buy you something...DO NOT and NEVER think twice to accept it.  I appreciate his gesture and generosity and his concern for me but i'm really not sure if i'd be able to maximize it. heck, my iphone is just for text and call, how sure am i that i wont treat ipad the same?! hahaha...

But we're still thinking and praying for it... Knowing that my husband is a tech junkie, im sure he'll figure out what will work for me. ;)

Thanks beh! Should i be looking for an ipod dock too? ;)


by Chell said...

which has an e-ink screen or anti-glare screen and would work best as an e-reader? you better use it as a reader if you can't use it as anything else! I just discovered you can buy e-books for as low as 5pesos each, so now I've got enough ebooks to last me for a whole year :) I just wish I could read them in a real e-reader soon.

just imagine, you can finally go back to reading, and read a book when you're just out waiting for a client, waiting for Simone, waiting for a party to finish, blah blah blah! You can even buy a an e-bible and conveniently bring it with you to church! hehehe. na-excite naman ako :)

jacque said...

hi sis! thanks for the comment. although when it comes to reading, im old-fashioned. i really want the smell of the book's pages. and how crisp they are when they're new. hehehe. pero i really should give e-books a try. :)