Monday, September 26, 2011

The one with 8 pounds

To some this may mean a birthweight of a newborn kid but to me this finally means the number of pounds i've lost so far! I can now finally say that i've officially lost weight, slowly but surely. My ketogenic diet seemed to work and for the first time, i can actually see results. I recently saw myself in a picture taken from my sister in law's birthday and i'm happy that my jawlines are obvious again and i now have a longer neck. Hahaha! I think i would manage to do this longer. I just need to exercise more. The only downside of this diet, when i tried to eat bread,it made my tummy upset and got some loose bowel movements. It happened twice and i think it was because of the sudden carbohydrates i had. But other than that, everything is ok. Wish me for more pounds to lose!


The Sweet Life said...

I wish you more mama ... hehehe ... and for me too!!!

jacque said...

hahaha, go go go! pwede mo naman simulan bawasan lang yung rice e. :)