Thursday, October 20, 2011

The One With Hopes

I should mention that we recently got a new house help. Our old got married and now only works as a staff/run-errand for Party Boosters. That's right, I've been keeping the house all by myself for quite sometime now and have managed (to my husband's and my surprise too!) quite well without a nanny, a cook and an all-around help. Well, I do hire out a clean and laundry woman to do the cleaning and all our laundry twice or every week, plus I hire out our old help on a per-day basis when I absolutely must leave the house for business meetings and others, but I'm left with daily chores, cooking and taking care of Simone all day everyday (not to mention picking up after her and packing away her toys like every second!). And I gotta say, taking care of a kid is actually more difficult than doing household chores, so even though I don't do bulk of the housekeeping, I do feel pretty like I've got my hands full all the time, especially when Simon is not around and I have to "multi-task" with Simone.

Ok, ok, maybe that's not too difficult to do, but I do think it's one of the reasons why I tend to lose my patience with Simone more easily than before, when I've got a nanny to call when I needed to pee, or take a bath without worrying she'll burn the house down or run into trouble while I'm in the bath. I can even take a nap when I needed one. I mean, I know it's different when you're tired and I acknowledge what great help house-helps are. They gave us more me-time which I do believe makes us better parents when we have lots of.

So now that we've got a new help, I hope to spend more enjoyable time with Simone, and stretch my patience for as long as my sanity will allow. Hehehe. I love you so much Simone! I'd even buy you your own house when you grow up and install all kinds of home luxuries like water softener for you! Hahaha! Seriously, we love you, kid.

And thus, I truly truly hope this new help will be with us longer. Not only because we needed one, but also because we're paying more (and getting less) with a clean-laundry woman's bi-weekly pay plus an old help's daily salary.

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