Thursday, October 20, 2011

The one with another wishlist

I don't know if i mentioned before that Simon got me my dream sunglasses for my birthday last August.  I'm such a spoiled wifey. haha.  We were looking at these Ray Bans in a store and i told him i've always wanted one....dreamt of one, but the cheapskate in me would rather buy the 200-peso sunglasses that you can find in tiangges. haha. And even if he does'nt own one, he insisted that he'd buy me one as a birthday gift.  can it get any sweeter than that?! hahaha.

Thank you beh for a shower of your unconditional love...that even if you find it impractical to buy, or it's something that you still don't have yet, you don't think twice getting me one, just to make sure it will make me happy. aaawwww... cheesy!!! love you :)

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