Sunday, July 17, 2011

The one with bad mom

I had a long and tiring weekend.  We went to the mall and i attended church service first before we make some rounds and do some shopping therapy.  After church, I met up with my husband and simone at starbucks and we left the husband there because Simone wanted to come with me and shop.  So our first stop was Space.  They were on sale and I was checking out some clothes.  Simone is usually really active, she's very adventurous.  She does'nt get scared easily.  So while i was checking out clothes on the rack, i knew she was only a few feet from me.  But i never realized that she'd grab the hangbars of the store (where they usually hang their clothes for display) and monkey-hang there.  By the time we saw it and asked her not to do it, the hangbar just fell off! She was able to step aside but she was still hit.  She fell on the laminate floor of the store.  I'm telling you, i shouted like a crazy man and i panicked! it was wood.  It was'nt that high when it hit her but her face had scratches too.  I feel so bad that i was just there and it still happened.  I feel so bad that even if it was an accident, i really blame myself for this.  I feel so bad as a mom...really...

I just pray that she'd be ok. we're still observing her for any unusual behavior that might have effected from the hit.  Lord, i hope everything's ok with her.  I wont forgive myself if anything happens to my kid.

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Diane said...

ohMY just recently.. I know how it feels..
and you're not a bad mom..
hope she's okay now sis.