Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The one with superhero tag

While most of us, if not all, wish to have a superhero power or possess a mutant-like characteristic that no one or just a handful have, we look into ourselves and think that maybe, just maybe, we have some abilities that not everyone is blessed with. Have you thought what yours maybe?

I for myself, have always been blessed with the ability to get good parking spaces. hahaha. you may laugh at it now but it comes really handy during mallwide sales, weekends at the malls or Full parking lot signages. Promise, even my former officemates and my sisters in law would tell me this, that I always get a parking space despite the guard telling me that i'd have to wait before i can getone. hehe. my friends realized this before i did and when i observed it, it's true. it's very seldom that i wait on parking slots. The longest wait i had was a ten-minute wait but it only happened once. There were times when my friends, who are parking on the same vicinity, waited for thirty minutes already and i entered the parking lot and a car just beside me is just about to exit, so there goes another slot for me. Or during mallwide sales when i see five or seven cars waiting for their territorial spaces to be freed and i stop a while and then some guy or girl will immediately get inside the car and will ask me to move a little so his car can get out, and i have another space. pretty cool huh? but of course, the power has its off-peak moments too. hahaha.

On the other hand, i also have the ability to be a clutch driver and our car will always have clutch-related problems and the husband will give me the look. hehe.

My mom and dad also see me as their lucky charm, if there is such a thing.

So, i'd like to know, do you have any superhero or special abilities? I'm tagging everyone in my blogroll! Let me know your answers alright?


Rocks said...

got you another tag here sis, pero grab it when your free lang.

theworkingmom said...

Done na, Jacque. Thanks so much!

Here it is.


Joanne MV said...

Here's mine sis -

Thanks! :)

Rocks said...

sis, ang hirap nito..haha! I'm still thinking of any super hero abilities that I have..will post agad pag nakapag esep-esep na :)

hugs to simone!