Sunday, July 20, 2008

The one with first, last and now

Thanks Kathy!


* First name: Jacqueline
* First screen name: jacque
* First funeral: my lolo, father's side (i was in grade school then)
* First piercing: Ears and only ears
* First kiss: parents ko, haha. safe answer!
* First love: my mom and dad


* Last beverage drank: Iced tea
* Last food consumed: Chicken curry for brunch
* Last phone call: client
* Last time showered: haha, 12 hours ago. yikes! i should take a bath na
* Last CD played: Batman and Robin movie
* Last website visited: Blogger


* Single or taken: Very much Taken
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: August 20
* Sign: Leo
* Shoe size: 8, i used to be a 7 until i gave birth. and so it's true ha.
* Thinking about: my schedules and things to do for today


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I'm tagging Lissa, Meng, Rhea, and Ann!

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