Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The one with oath of dieting

I'am officially back to deciding to lose weight...for the nth time. haha.

I felt i gained weight again and now, i want to go back to my veggie diet mode and finally maximize the bike my husband bought for me. I can do this and this is my oath.

Now that i confirmed that i'm not pregnant, (yes, i thought we are again but it's my first day today, so no baby boy just yet, hehe) i can exercise again or at least attempt to.

I promise myself to resist myself from temptation of any kind: chocolates, cake, sweets, or eat excessively. (perfect timing, it's my birthday month. nyahaha)

I will try my very best to decide to take a walk instead of the comfortable elevators, do stretchings every morning to produce some kinetic energy from my body.

I will endure the physical pain brought by imitating the professionals from the physical fitness videos, hoping that i'd get at least half as good as their bodies.

I will take note of the calories i eat and take note of the vitamins i drink everyday. I might as well take note of the anoretix reviews, who knows, i might be able to buy those from the US and it might help.

From this day forward, I will do everything that i can to lose weight.

hahaha. i sound so pathetic. I have to write about this, else i won't take an initiative to control my eating habits. grrrhh...

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The Choco Loco said...

hehehe ... parang immune na ako sa oath to dieting. i've said that a lot of times ... pero ... wala pa rin ... haaay!