Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The one with ten more

I have ten more kilos to lose! waah! still a long way there. I lost about nine pounds already but instantly gained the 2 pounds after a week of eating. Now, I have to get back into the action and religiously take my supplements too. I've been playing badminton for a while now and having so much fun with it. :) It has been almost five years since i last played and going back to badminton was like igniting the long lost love for it. :)

I just hope that i'd be able to keep up and that together with my supplements, these will help me get back to shape. I might resort to apidexin scam if all of these won't work. I also wanted to buy the book "Food for your type". It's so informative and I know i'd be able to use it as my guide. :)

Good luck with the ten more!!! :)