Thursday, December 27, 2012

The one with Christmas themes and motiff

This christmas, we decided on having certain motifs on the colors of our clothes.  my sister in law suggested red, green and blue.  Then we also had exchange gifts with a twist. It's a pretty cool game. Each one is asked to bring three gifts worth 20 pesos each and then wrap it up.  then we are asked to get a card with the following meaning: Ace means you can pick three gifts; King, jack or queen means two gifts, odd number means one gift and even number means no gift to pick.  It's so fun and more fun unwrapping the gifts and finding what gifts you can get for 20 pesos. hahaha. There was a box i thought it was something big like Jack Daniels Cowboy Hats, but to my surprise it was a 20 peso bill. hahaha. funny!

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