Monday, December 31, 2012

The one with new year habits

I notice over the years, I always do things the same way, habits that are hard to break if you may call it.  My husband started the topic while we were eating and here are some of the our habits that we subconsciously do every year:

~ I always buy "comfort food" every new year's eve.  Food like chips, cheetos, pringles, chips ahoy, chocolates, ice cream. I dont know why but i've always done this since I was a kid and Simon told me he does it every year as well.

~ I always extra clean every new year. haha. I try to declutter as much as i can, bring out the hand tools and fix whatever we can.

~ Even if we have our usual eve's dinners at our families' houses, i always want to cook and prepare something for our home.  I want to at least put an extra effort since i don't cook all the time and I want christmas or new year to be that occasion, i'll prepare something for my family. :)

What's your new year habit???

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