Sunday, May 03, 2009

The one with inevitable

We had a simple celebration for simon's 29th birthday last thursday. it was basically a fun time bonding of my family with his. Ironically, being a party planner myself, i was so lax in preparing for his party. albeit a small one, i did'nt even bother to really detail it as there was no pressure or anything naman. so we just ordered food, rented tables and chairs.

Funny lang, even if we only had it at home, we still had some glitches which made us worried a bit. For one, the light bulb in the garden was grounded and electricity tripped. Lucikly, we have a circuit breaker so automatically, during times like this, it's an automatic shut off system to avoid fire. it took us 30 minutes before we were able to revive the electricity in the living room. (which reminds me, i sill have to have it checked with an electrician, just so we're sure) Second, Simone was ususually cranky that night. she had a good afternoon nap but despite of that, she was still not in a good mood. i was starting to get a little sad since i want simon to be stress-free and to just enjoy his day but simone's crankiness can get into his nerves sometimes (or to mine). hehe, we're only human. :) third, everyone was late! my parents were the only one on time. hehe.

but all in all, we still had fun and im glad that simon had fun too. it was still a day well spent and we thank God for giving him another year. :)

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