Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The one with additional space

I love our house. I love the space. I love space. Remember one post i wrote about us thinking about moving to a smaller space. well, we realized that as of now, it might not be for us. we just love big spaces and no matter how much more we have to clean and maintain, we just can't afford living to a smaller space. so anyhow, i was trying to organize my stuff that i use when i do events and found out that i have three shipping boxes full of load from party plannnig. And all these I put in our attic so i had to constantly go up and down the attic when i need something that's party-related. I was just surprised that i had that many "materials" and/or crafts already. These materials do not include party items per se, these are just my ribbons, glue, cloths, etc. :)

I'm just glad the house can accommodate all my abubot. one of the main points why this house is so hard to let go, despite our house-hunting here and there. :)

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