Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The one with missing this

Yes, I'am totally missing my blogs soo much! I've a lot of updates to share, happenings here and there, parties to blog about but i can't seem to collect my brain cells to write about everything.  I've often feel the "oh-i-want-to-blog-this-moment" and i just wish that once i think about wanting to blog about something, it will just magically type on its own...without me on the computer. seriously, i would want that. hahaha.

To start off my summer kwento, let me just share with you that i got myself a new summer hair! wohoo!  I used my beeconomic coupon at david's salon and got myself into something like this, taken at Tagaytay with the families :)

oopps, i realized i have'nt taken a pic of myself yet so just indulge yourself with this pic. haha. :)
I'am so loving my short hair. I thought i'd regret cutting my long, dry, damaged, brown hair (so not meant keeping it that long) but it turned out, i got my old waves and even if it's just wash and wear hairdo, the waves and curls stay in place. :) plus, it's soo much cooler and lighter. yey! my friends and family loved it too, said the hair made me more "modernized" and younger. ahehe. ;)

I'll try to post stories separately, according to how the days went by... how we spent holy week, our couple's vanity day (super enjoyed this one!), preparing for simon's bday, 40 days of love with friends, simone's preschooling hunt, my GM diet...and soo much more!!! Oh and there's the royal wedding of course that iam so looking forward to watching on tv.  i even wanted to collect stuff form their wedding, like the custom challenge coin, the mug, and the stamp. so want to have that stamp! ;)

very controversial stamp. haha.

Off to bed first, long day tomorrow for an out-of-town event. :) this week is loaded with events, even on weekdays! thank you Lord! :)

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