Friday, April 01, 2011

The one with parenting

I've been thinking of how to put a title for this entry but i can't put my thought to my mouth.  I've been following several celebrity news lately and i was shocked to hear about katie holmes and suri's "unusual" gummy candies that brought such a big controversy.  They went to this super pricey ice cream restaurant (Serendipity)and Suri saw these weird-looking gummy candies (candies shaped to male private parts).  She grabbed the box and started opening it and some paparazzis just took pictures and made it to their headlines.  Katie Holmes explained it on Ellen's show but personally, i did'nt buy her excuse of it.  Her reason was that she did'nt want Suri to ask about it coz she's not ready to answer suri's questions.  I personally would have used a white lie as a method or "because-i-told-you-so excuse" of parents when we can't seem to answer their never ending questions.  i myself could'nt imagine eating a candy shaped into a male private part, moreso for my kid.

Lesson:  Paparazzis, please please leave them alone. haha. i thought the katherine heigl smoking an ecig photo before or vanessa hudgens' nude photos would be enough, i was'nt prepared for this news. hahaha. Lesson 2: Serendipity restaurant, for the love of God, you're a wholesome restaurant where kids fascinate your ice creams and sweets. stop selling these candies!

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