Thursday, March 31, 2011

The One With Badly Needed To Relax

With all the things that's happened in my life lately, taking a break never sounded so good! I'm so looking forward to some salon visits to loosen up, unwind and just get a breather. Being in a sick room -- even if I wasn't the one sick-- can be depressing at times, and I can't tell you enough how my parents getting sick has affected me so much.

But since it's Friday(oh no!) and the weekend is approaching, I just can't think about those right now. As they say, whatever you're feeling, you have to get up, dress up and show up. Life goes on and I have to think about my uber hectic weekend of executing successful birthday parties!

It's probably good that my sisters-in-law and I are up for another girls day out, because the way things are going, even a book with a subject as miserable as funeral planning could look really attractive to me. Anything to get some me-time! Hahaha!

If I sound desperate enough, Simon may even take pity and shower me with surprises. Right?!

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