Saturday, March 12, 2011

The one with yet another try

I stopped jogging/running for over a month now.  I started eating rice yet again.  But it does'nt mean that i'm giving up on losing weight and trimming the extra pounds.  It just means that i'm making another try to make this work again.  I just bought deals from and of RF treatments for contouring waist and arms.  I just hope it will be effective and i'd be able to maintain it.  I've also decided to start running again.  Running makes me feel more alive.  It makes my body feel lighter and stronger.  So everything deserves a second chance.  I think the only thing i have'nt tried is taking adapexin-p tablets.  They say it's really safe and effective but i'm not yet on the verge...not yet so considering that option would have to park somewhere else.

Let's go! It's never too late...

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