Saturday, March 12, 2011

The one with a dip

Last monday, after our visit to jannet's, simon asked me if i wanted to swim at club manila east. well, of course, i would'nt want to miss it as it would be a fun way to jumpstart summer. :)  We hurriedly prepared our things and in a span of 30 minutes, we were good to go.  haha. we picked up justin and skokie so it would be doubly fun.

When we reached CME, we were shocked that the resort will close in an hour so we had to go somewhere else or we'd end up being disappointed that the much-awaited water experience will end up in a tub. haha.  Even if the weighing scales are telling me that i did'nt lose weight, i did'nt really care.  all i wanted was to swim.

So we tried village east clubhouse and was surprised that the pool is closed for cleaning. look at the chances?! we could'nt go home without chlorine-smelling hair so we tried again and we ended up with casanjo resort. haha. it's a small pool resort in a village in front of our parent's village. funny. We were so desperate, we'd settle with casanjo. hahaha. but it was a fun, instant water experience for us and the kids.  Simone had fun.  I told you, she has always been a water baby so even if it was a gloomy day and it even rained, she really did'nt mind. :)

swimming buddies -- simone and justin, moi and skokie :) (simon and jason not in pic)

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