Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The one with 4th bday trip -- 2nd part

Day 3

We transferred to Lee garden guest house at Cameron Road and 3rd day was more like a free day.  We strolled on the nearby streets.  The husbands got tired easily and stayed on the guest house for the rest of the evening.  Jill and I wanted to check out Mongkok's ladies night market.  So we went there by ourselves.  Mongkok is two train stations away from Tsim sha tsui.  But much to our dismay, prices and items found in the ladies' night market can also be found in greenhills "tiangges" (small stores) at much lower prices.  We were so disappointed.  We did'nt even find nice women's hats nor bonnets there.  but just to appease myself, i bought a bag and a couple of fans for my in-laws.

The next day was our trip to Ocean Park.  Personally, it was okay but i guess after disneyland, the trip's highlight ended already. hahaha. But Simone enjoyed it because she saw jellyfishes, sharks, dolphins, panda bears in person. :) we watched shows here too, and none of the rides. ahehe. But Simone played some arcade games there.

After our ocean park adventure, we rode back to tsim sha tsui station via shuttle bus of ocean park.  then, we went to harbour city while jill and jon went to tung chung to buy a bag for jacqui (jill's sister).  i enjoyed the harbour city stroll as it was a feast for the eyes seeing all the branded and designer stuff, all there! i even went inside louis vuitton store.  My eyes feasted on all the LV items inside the store. It was a big store and i loved everything there. hahaha. How i wish i could go out the store with a bag on my arm. haha. All in God's time...be patient...

When we went back to the guest house, Jill and Jon were there already so we got our bags and rode the ferry again back to macau.  We stayed another night at Kuya Obet's house.  The following day was more of our macau day which was our last day.  We went to San Malong (?), shopped for some clothes, went to buy pasalubongs for our families and visited Venetian.  I sooo love Venetian! too bad, an overnight stay there cost about 12k (off-peak). I hope next time we'd be able to stay there too. hahaha. But going there and strolling around was more than enough. 

On our plane ride back to Manila, Simone hugged and kissed me then said, "mommy thank you ha. enjoy ako" then she did the same thing to simon. everything was so worth it after that moment.  All the money we saved for it, the time we spent for the trip and the efforts were more than enough. Thank you Simone.

More stories and pictures to follow. :)

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