Saturday, March 12, 2011

The one with the Big reveal

Okay, let's park the stories of my life for a while and talk about someone else's.  The other day, Morning Rushers Chico and Del had a BIG reveal.  The big reveal started when they told on air, in passing, that they will make an announcement on the said date and that listeners have to stay tune at 9am.  Little did they know that everyone made speculations and created an internet buzz about the whole big reveal thing.  I can consider myself a morning rusher too but i missed this one.  I found out about it the day after (well, it not that late you know) and was shocked but happy to know that Del is finally boarding motherhood! This is one of the best reporting tools they did and it was very effective.  Chico, himself, got so affected he caught a fever the day before the announcement. hahaha.

Congratulations Del!!! (feeling close naman ako?!)

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