Thursday, March 10, 2011

The one with the after shock

I did'nt bother to figure out how and where i got my strength the week we went on a vacation and the weekend after that.  I found myself fully booked the weekend after our trip, as in the day that we arrived, i found myself preparing logistics and making sure that everything was in place.  I did'nt have the "vacation after a vacation" time.  And then came sunday which was simone's party.  My mom was wondering how come i'm still energetic for everything, as if i don't run out of gas.

And when monday came, that's when everything hit me...the stress, lack of sleep, whole body pain, clogged nose, headache. I did'nt want to get out of bed.  I wanted to hire a home massage service that day but for some reasons which i dont know, we were'nt able to do so.  So my dear husband massaged me and it was a really good massage. did i ever tell you that he massages so good, it's like he enrolled himself to a massage therapy program after that massage, i really felt good and refreshed. I slept a little longer and when i woke up, i felt much, much better.

Thanks beh!

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