Saturday, March 12, 2011

The one with money sense

Ever since Simone learned the concept of money (i think she learned this from me), we taught her the value of saving and how fun and easy it is.  We gave her a teddy bear coin bank and everytime we come home, she'll check if we have coins in our pockets and if there is any, she'll put it right away in her coin bank.  after over a year of the saving habit, the coin bank is almost full.  At first, i was thinking of adding this to her bank account but a part of me wants to put it in to the "next destination trip" this June.  We are bracing ourselves for more expenses for this trip as we are travelling with both our parents (simon's and my folks).  Of course, travelling with them would mean that we don't intend to make them worry of their expenses...and that's the most challenging part. hahaha. But I'm sure everything will fall into place and the resources will come. :)

Since the first quarter too is finally closing, im being reminded of the car insurance and simon's health insurance that we need to settle too.  I read in an auto insurance blog that once i received my bill for the renewal of the car insurance, i have to settle it immediately so i won't be charged with penalties and stuff.  Well, we've set aside something for that already so i just hope it will be replenished soon. haha. 

I've always feared bills specially the ones in the form of credit cards.  At one point in our lives, we found ourselves wondering how our debts went that big without our knowledge and how paying for it took forever that it became so traumatic.  We still have our credit cards now but we vowed to settle full amount once the bill arrives our mail.  It's hard work to keep it that way but it's way, way better than we were when we can actually see our hard-earned money going to the drains of these credit cards.

It really amazes me how God works over our lives, specially in this aspect.  I did'nt bother to understand how He provides but He really does.  All our actions and plans are all leaps of faith and it feels more secured that way, knowing that someone Greater than any financial plan, investments and wealth, holds your future and that you don't have to worry about anything.  We're not rich people, but I know that God is paving our way for richness.  I know that He will be spoiling us with His richness, more than our heart's desires. :)

Thank you Lord :)

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