Thursday, March 31, 2011

The One With Happy For God's Healing

I can't bear it when my parents are sick. I know it's normal for people to get sick every so often. And I know that aging is almost always synonymous with sickness knocking at the door more often, but I just don't understand how one in good physical shape, living a healthy lifestyle, could suddenly fall ill.

My dad recently got operated because of stones in his gallbladder. And everything came as a surprise for all of us, especially because my dad never had any vice, not alcohol nor cigarettes. He doesn't drink and he doesn't smoke, whether it's cheap backwoods cigars or not. The only vice he ever had, to the best of my knowledge, was eating to his heart's content. So now eating too much is off his list too.

I'm just so glad that he's better now and out of the hospital.

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