Monday, July 12, 2010

The one with first day of school

Well, i don't want to bore you with not-so-happy moments or how i'm failing to take my weight loss supplements here, so i decided to post about how simone is enjoying here schooling.

I thought I'd homeschool her until she's six or seven.  But putting her to a school had it own pros and cons too.  For one, she's with classmates her own age. ahehe. when at home, i'm her only playmate and i know we enjoy each other's company, but i also wish she'd be with kids her own age too.  I also like the school's curriculum as it is non-traditional in approach.  They're a developmental/progressive school and i like it so far.

So before i post her first day of school, let me just give you a heads up that the next posts, i would bore you with how doting mother i am. hahaha.

 i have fever here but i still made sure that i'll be present on her first day.

 popsie was there too! sentimental kasi to e. hehe

daddy with simone
 here's simone with her classmates.  there are two classes in jr. kinder (oh did i just say she was accelerated from nursery to jr. kinder?!) and after a month of schooling, some of the kids have been re-shuffled to determine what class they will fit more into. :)

Simone had an adjustment phase with the "separation" thing.  And this will be triggered during the quiet time/sleeping time.  she did'nt like that so during the parent orientation, i told the teacher to just give her activity sheets since she really loves to busy herself until she gets accustomed with the routine :) and two weeks later, we can now leave her at school. im soo happy, im the one who needs the letting go thing. :)

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