Friday, July 30, 2010

The one with rod discipline

For weeks, i've been thinking about the challenges of how to discipline our kiddo.  And i mean, how not to be a brat.  She's not a brat per se but the worry that she might be and the signs leading to it sometimes manifest.  I tried spanking simone on her hand if she did something wrong.  She would cry louder and would shout at me and hit me back.  It pains me that after hitting her, im not even sure if it worked.  I would talk to her after and tell her the reason why i had to spank her.  I think she understood, just a matter of she wanted to obey i guess.

Like last week, we went to her ninang's house and she asked if she could draw. she got a pentel pen and wrote on paper but the inks left some on their couch and i think some on the plastic knobs of their drawers. yikes. i told her to use other pens but she did'nt obey so i had to talk to her alone and told her it's not good. she cried again.  and then when we were in the car, you know what she told me. "sorry mommy" and i hugged her tight. i said, "thats ok baby. mommy loves you kaya im saying all these things"

And you know that yes, it is working. :)

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