Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The one with the weirdest dream

Welcome me to the club! last sunday, after the bridal shower, i just had my own share of wild wedding dreams, or should i say, nightmares? it was really weird. pag gising ko na lang, natawa na lang ako coz i know it won't happen. well, here are reasons why:

parang sa dream ko, present time sya eh. and i thought na nov. 22 daw ang wedding namin and not dec. 22. after that, we rushed to finish so many things...and ended up getting married ng Nov. 21!!! halleeerr! how can i forget such things diba?! as in, wala daw guests kc nga nov. 22 pa ang wedding. and ang weird pa dun, an hour before the wedding, my MUA wala pa daw. si paul vincent (my photog) naghihintay lang sa amin to be finished dressing up. and most of all, my coordinator, Clarice wala rin daw. as in ako ang nagpapaka-coordinator running last minute preps! oh mi gas! kaloka talaga. but aside from that, lahat all set na...wala nga lang guests!!! hahaha

oh diba?! it's so weird....monday morning, i texted angie and clarice. natawa lang sila and texted na kabaligtaran daw ang mangyayari so wag ko daw problemahin yun. actually, di naman talaga. nakakatawa lang! :)

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