Sunday, November 20, 2005

The one with walang pahinga (part 2)

the following day, ganun pa rin. after church, had breakfast muna sa Hot Loops na baong opened lang lapit sa church(with SILs, simon, and lanlan) tapos fit sila gowns nila. hahaha. may mga alterations na natatawa na lang ako. pero overall, they exceeded my expectations. malinis sila tumahi and kahit masikip ang shop at may mga konting problems sa gowns, i can say, sulit na sila and didnt give me a hard time. pinipilit ko pa ngang sukatin gown ng MOH ko eh. hehehe...gusto ko talaga mag-try eh. :)

tapos, went straight to galleria na with achie. we met james and oliver there (her business associates) they presented their product portfolio to me. it was more of a mock-up presentation wherein im the client kunwari. then i'll give comments and suggestions to better understand their presentation. hope i was able to shed some light naman to them. :)

tapos, accidentally bought our first new christmas tree! simon showed it to me and gusto nya talaga. when i saw it and knew na P1,500 lang sya...go na kme! withdrew some money and bought it. it's a 6ft, fiber optic christmas tree! ganda talaga sa gabi. no need to put christmas lights as there are light already (coz of the fibers nga) nice talaga sya (pics to follow) then, bought cake din for the Shower of blessings...and the details on a separate post.

more busy days to follow... :)

si manong, nipapack-up christmas tree namin
our christmas tree

si simon, nitatanggal na. di mapigilan, set-up na sa house namin
di mapigilan
ayaw ma-rotate eh...sowee

first christmas tree
voila! no christmas lights...just the magic of the fiber optics. :) wala pa rin decor yan...our very own christmas tree!

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