Friday, November 18, 2005

The one with accidental gimmick

It's a friday and i did'tn go to the office since i want to interview some breeders and dog owners for my work. anyhow, i was done after lunch and did'nt come back to the office na. naan texted us that she took a leave. so naisip ko to meet naan and jannet and have them try their gowns na. we went to the shop and stayed there for more than an hour. my goodness! ang dami nilang eche-bureche. hehe. tumagal kme coz of the corset kay jannet. kc when naan tried out the gown, okay na sya...ang may problem pala eh yung body ni jannet. (hehe, sorry mare, love you!) but we were able to make some alterations, so she can emphasize her body form more. their gowns are really simple, same design lang sila but really nice.

after that, we went to the mall. met na simon there and did some malling...namiss ko yun ha. simon was like..."oh no, kung si jacque pa nga lang napapagod nako mag-malling, tatlo pa kaya?!" hahaha. pero he had fun naman din to the point that we didnt watch a movie na and strolled with them na lang...mas masaya pa. we ate at jollibee, bought some stuffs like christmas decor, CD, cream puffs (yummy!), etc. we even bought penoy. after the malling, we went to jannet's place and watched TV lang and hang out. ate everything we bought na food. haha, ang sakit ng tyan namin ni naan coz we were lying down sa carpet while eating...(read: buhay baboy!)

truly, one accidental gimmick na super saya.

greenwich time!
just had to take a pic of this... 22 eh! hehe ;)

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