Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The one with thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

Wala lang...In life talaga, there are things we really can't understand. We usually have mixed emotions on situations that we are faced in. Pero one thing i know, God is good and God loves me. He will never forsake me and leave my side. I know He has a purpose for everything and I know that all His plans are for the best, even if there are times that i might not understand why things have to happen, I just know and feel comforted that He is there for me.

Cguro, sa dami lang ng mga nangyayari sa buhay, you just can't help but be overwhelmed. i feel happy knowing that i'll spend the rest of my life with the man i know God has brought me to. just the thought of it makes me feel of God's love more and more. He has answered my every prayer when He gave me Simon and I will forever be grateful for that.

i feel sad naman leaving my parents and all the memories i have in our house. as old as it is, i love that house. i can run around our house blindfolded and not trip. i love how big my room is and how i have all my childhood and teenage stuff all stocked under my bed. i love the fact that when i don't feel well, my mom and my dad are just by the other room, i can just knock on their door and receive the care and comfort they give. i love my kuya whom i always have arguments with, pero super lambing if he's in the mood. i love my small brother whom i share my kakulitan with and whom i share my kwentos with esp on my way to work, and his way to school. (both my brothers dont mind if we hold hands or embrace each other in public).i love our dogs and the smell of our puppies who turn to 'bratdogs' when i arrive home. i love the neighborhood i have grown up in. my childhood friends whom i've been with for the past 20 years of my life. i know not many are blessed with this kind of friendship and i know it's borderless. our geographical location is not the only reason why we are friends. all these, i will miss.

But then again, as I would always say this...God is good and He has a reason for everything. I will miss them terribly but I can always go to our house and meet my parents. To add pa, I have two more parents to give love and care to. I'll miss my room but hey, we have a new house that is ours alone, we can still run and shout all day long without no one to disturb. I still love my kuya, and at least we can have less arguments...hahaha. and my small brother (one year gap only) whom i have given the permission to get my room. at least, i've left him some remembrance..kalat ko. haha. i will miss my best friends but they can always visit us and have a new venue for our 'girls chika/bonding time'. it's always mixed emotions for me you know.

I'am excited to live everyday with Simon, to budget all our finances, to decide if we will eat chickenjoy today or cook, to clean the house with him, to watch all our DVDs and Friends episodes with him, to sleep beside him, wake up beside him, pray our morning prayer with him, and go to church together (as in coming from one house!) I feel secured that God will provide all our needs. human as iam, we all feel the need for security, but I know God is always there for us. We want to live a simple life, and a life that only God will be glorified. So no matter what life leads us to, I will always feel grateful and happy that we are together...and live to be Mr. and Mrs. Tan. I love you Simon!

oh no! and this is not yet a week before the wedding ha. hehe.

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mai said...

hay sis...i know where you're coming from. Pero ok lang yan..masasanay din tayo. As for the moment, let's enjoy our remaining days with them (na under one roof kayo). Andiyan din lang naman sila, anytime pwedeng takbuhan. :D lapit na ngayon niyaaayyy!!!!