Thursday, February 21, 2008

The one with a February wedding

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Jason and Naan. Finally, tatlo na tayo sa barkada na kasal!!! I had fun in this wedding simply because i really loved their theme. Naan thought about it, a spoon and fork theme. honestly, it would make you wonder out of all the themes there could possible be, why this? but you know, it was conceptualized very well and everything seemed to be perfect. a spoon and fork can exist separately but they are at their best when they're together. and that's how naan and jason are when together. quoting from naan's words in their avp, "i love jason because he has the qualities that i don't have" aaaawww...i was so touched and realized that yes, God knows the perfect person for us and He knows it even before we are born. cool!

Here are what I will always remember in their wedding:
1. looove the weather that day. although a bit windy, but it was perfect...and sooo cold!
2. love the church! very picturesque talaga and caleruega
3. love the spoon and fork souvenirs!
4. love the song which was written by naan and sung by yours truly and my husband. haha. there was a CD also with our recording. naks! parang album launch! haha.
5. super, super love the AVP made by our barkada jill. as in super ganda! it's full of emotions. i love how the storyboard was made, comic but romantic.
6. love how naan was sooo herself that day. i love its spontaneity, we had a mini program when we bid goodbye to them while they ride the golf cart and she threw her bouquet and had the kissing game. as in the american style. nice!

to the blancos...forever friends! we love you so much! God bless your married life! here are some pictures...

candle sponsors kme...

actually, gusto ko lang pakita tong pic nato kasi i look slim here. hahaha.

mahangin ba sa labas? hehe.