Friday, February 08, 2008

The one with the shameless plug

Since we've been getting so many feedbacks from simon's latest project at work, siguro dahil na rin sa plugging ng show, i just want to post and announce this and brag about how good my husband is! hahaha.

ONE PROUD MAMA, the new show of QTV 11 hosted by Jaya. Simon made the music!!! It's the theme song performed by no less than Jaya herself. hehehe. dami namin nakuha texts and emails here, kahit sa mga di pa namin close friends even and they're commenting how nice the song is and kung talaga bang si simon ang gumawa. hahaha. la lang, im soooo proud of him. and to brag about him more, here is a list of some of his works pa sa kapuso:

Marimar BM (background music)
Whammy theme song
Emergency theme song (performed by Shamrock)
The Chef show in QTV11

AND MANY MORE!!! hehehe, Jacque po, Proud to be Kapuso! naks!


melany said...

hi, ms jacque! please let me introduce myself first. I am lany, a frequent lurker of your blog... :)i can't really help myself but post a comment here kasi i so love the song on the show "One Proud Mama"! Really! And my son loves it too, so much! Kasi whatever he's doing basta narinig nya na yung song, tatakbo sya sa harap ng TV and magsasayaw sya... and i am so touched with the lyrics very simple yet so true! Pasensya na po i know you don't know me... You have more than enough reason to be proud of your husband. Congratulations! your ONE PROUD WIFE!

Anyway, if you want to have a peak on me. Here's my site: :)

simon-jacque said...

hi melany! thanks for the comments, i will surely tell this to simon. im sure, super tuwa na naman yun. hahaha. thanks for visiting! im juz curious, are you from w@w or n@w? :)

mari said...

hahaha!!! I've been wanting to ask you about it nga kasi one time while we were watching Q TV, I heard the song and saw Simon's name on it... sabi ko kay hubby, kilala ko wife ni Simon from w@w & n@w... feeling close ako sa sikat :D

good luck and more power!!! naks... basta magaling sya!

melany said...

Hi again Ms Jaque. I am not a member of w@w nor n@w. I have just found all the nice blogsites when i started visitng my friend's site and from there it became an "addiction" Lol! Really, when i want to be inspired i know which blog to visit and i am so happy to chance upon your blog. I regularly visit your site, di lang ako nagle-leave ng comment since di mo naman nga ako kilala. But i hope you don't mind if i'll be your visitor once in a while.

Funny nga eh kasi minsan ng medyo matagal kang di nagpost nalungkot ako... hahaha! Anyway, i know you and your husband are nice people. May God shower you more blessings! And please tell Mr Simon that i am now one of his fans... :) Nice music!

Rocks said...

hi! saw that preview also..sabi ko agad sa hubby simon yun ah hubby ni jacque? parang kilala talaga eh no? you really must be proud of him. :) have a nice day!

simon-jacque said...

hi mari and rocks! hahaha. im touched! thanks mga sis for the support! and he has another project pero sa GMA Asia na yun. he did the station ID, parang same level ng Kapuso theme song. waah! im sooo proud of him nga. hehe.

to melany, please please drop by as many times as you want to. im happy that people are actually reading my blog. haha. God bless