Friday, February 15, 2008

The one with a week to go

Exactly a week from now, my baby Simone will turn one already! everytime i think about this, i get mixed emotions. i don't know, but it really makes me emotional thinking that my baby is "not" a baby anymore.

~ She used to be so fragile (well, not literally coz she was a big baby but you get what i mean) and now she does'nt want to be assisted when she tries to stand up on her own. when she falls down, she will just laugh it off.

~ She used to make this little cries which i will immediately respond into...but now, even if she makes loud cries and i know she's just trying to make her way out of something, (oh yes, she knows that already) i will be firm and make my mommy voice saying "NO"

~ She used to just lie down on her crib, the most that she could do was tilt her head from one side to another and I'm a proud mommy...but now, she can make a tour around the bed while sleeping and hug me and put her legs on my face which makes it harder to breathe. haha.

~ She used to be just clingy and dependent on she wants to prove to mommy that she can walk around her crib and show mommy that she can do it on her own.

~ She used to be just a tiny baby that lights up our day and more...NOW, she's soon to become a toddler who wants to explore more and more...AND we are becoming the parents who will run after her.

And so i thought pregnancy was the most fulfilling thing i'd have to go through...i almost forgot all about motherhood and parenthood where everything that you do is a reflection of who your child will be in the future. God bless all the parents!

Oh and pardon for the emotional attack that i just did. hahaha.

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