Monday, March 24, 2008

The one with GMA Summer ID

Here is the surprise I blogged about before! I'm just so proud of my husband! He composed the music for the 2008 GMA Kapuso Summer ID. What can I say?! He's so gifted! It's the first time that GMA Network did not outsource this project and asked Simon to do it for this year. Man, I'm just sooo proud!

Funny though, we watched it in youtube and got a lot of comments, both positive and negative. It's just so surprising how members really argue and debate on which summer ID is better, this one or the one on the other channel. I would'nt comment on the other one, i'd be biased of course. It's either you're a loyal Kapuso or a Kapamilya. You can never be in between...unless of course, you are a cable person. haha.

The video will have more versions as they will feature more of their kapuso artistas yet. They did'nt put all the artistas in just one video you see and did not do all the calisthenics and cheerleading squad of what-nots with just one beat and two or three lines of lyrics without a storyboard. haha, im just kidding. peace, man!

Congrats Simon and I love you! Keep it up beh! God bless!

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