Monday, March 24, 2008

The one with 13 months

Yep, she's 13 months already. And she is growing up sooo fast....As always, here's a summary of her monthly developments (based on what's at the top of my head now)

~ She's taking her time with the walking skills. She can already walk 2 or 3 steps independently and will immediately fall. (but mommy's just behind to catch her)
~ She talks on the phone! haha. She loves the phone conversations where she gets anything and acts as if it's a phone (sometimes it's the real celfone that she gets) and talks on her own language. We, of course, talk to her as if we understand her and then she gives this look where she raises both her eyebrows and widens her eyes more as if telling us, "understand?!" haha. cuteness! and when i'am talking to someone, she'd mimic my actions and will try to imitate my expressions. ex. "oh" and "haler"
~ She calls her daddy "yayi", mama "mama", barney "yani", ate maru "ate".
~ She climbs our stairs, with assistance of course. When she wants to go to her playroom, she will walk towards the stairs and climb to the 2nd floor, then go straight to her room. nice noh?!
~ She still has preferences on food. I did'nt want to call it picky since her pedia told me that she isn't. she just had certain preferences. haha. is'nt it the same?! but i hope we'd get to try more kinds soon baby! i know you just love your veggies too much and your rice and your tinola so i'll let it pass this time.
~ Second time today, she took her diaper and gave it to us telling her that she pooped and she needed to change. promise! the first time, she did it to her yaya and we were shocked but thought that it might be coincidental. the second time she did it, man! i was so proud of her. she got a diaper and she was trying to give it to me. i asked her, "why?" and then i suddenly smelled her poop. haha. cute!
~ She is just so generous. When we play, it will always include her giving her toys to me. She reaches for her toys and will give them to me one by one. She will also act as if she's eating something and will get some from her mouth and then reaches for my mouth to give "the invisible food". we love to respond by saying thank you and yummy.
~ She is a music lover and we can tell that she has the talent as early as now. Last friday, we sat her before Simon's Korg Karma keyboard and her fingers were positioned exactly where they were supposed to be. she was even pressing ebony keys for crying out loud! haha. and she knows timing. galing! of course, after some time, she'd play with it na and will bang the keys as if it's her toy. hehe.
~ She points her nose, and eyes already. of course, she has mastered how to point and identify everyone. she can identify all of us, even on pictures.
~ We love to play the " Simone throws the ball, mommy gets it and simone will laugh" game. it's a good exercise too!
~ She still loves and adores Barney!

Don't grow up too fast anak...We love you!

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