Saturday, March 08, 2008

The one with dealing with a toddler

I'm still amazed at the wonder of a growing child. Simone never fails to amaze us with her milestones and developments. When she turned one, she suddenly became more independent, not wanting to be assisted when walking, suddenly having more confidence of herself and try not to cry when she falls off from attempting to walk or stand alone. Believe me, i can never be any more proud of her but the fears, sad to say, are also there.

Fear that she might turn into a brat, fear that we may not be able to discipline her the way we have been disciplined, fear of giving into her wants and ways. Yesterday, she slapped me in the face. You know, the kind when toddlers are "nanggigigil" and i also learned that she did that to both her grannies also. I know she still does'nt know the concept yet but I'm pretty sure the disciplining had to start somewhere. I see myself in her, her sense of independence and adventure is pretty much inherited from me and I don't know if it's a good thing or not. haha.

On a lighter kwento, I'm so proud that she converses with us, just like an adult does. When asked, "What does the dog say?" she goes, "Aw, aw"; "Kumain ka na simone?" she goes, "oo-po!" so on and so forth. sooo amazing how she can connect to us more easily and how she tries to express what she wants and does not want.

We will always be proud of you simone. we love you!

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