Saturday, March 22, 2008

The one with goodbye too soon

We were still on bed and it's easter sunday. Simon had to wake up early because he is assigned for the praise and worship of the two services. anyway, we got this text from achie saying that their auntie shirley has no pulse. She (Achie) got a call from one of the kambals (twin) informing the Tans that their mother passed away already. She was not brought to the hospital immediately as the other elders in their house "declared" her dead already. But I think she was brought after a few minutes.

And just this afternoon, we got the confirmation. It's just too sad. Auntie Shirley's son, John-john, died three years ago, he was about to graduate high school then and her husband followed the year after. And now, she followed them too. I sympathize for the twins and I cannot imagine how it is without a family. I just think that it's too soon. We just saw her on Simone's birthday and we had fun. God's thoughts and ways are really unpredictable and sometimes, incomprehensible. But just the same, we put our trust on Him that even though we would'nt understand things around us, He is the God that holds everything in perfect control.

simone (314)
auntie shirley- the lady on the far right, printed top and white pants

we will miss you dearly.

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