Monday, March 24, 2008

The one with the Holy Week that was

It was mostly spent at home, which was time well spent for us actually. We did'nt want to take a vacation along with thousands of others who will and with a toddler along, im sure we'll have a harder time. And since we have more flexible schedules than an 8-5 employee, we can do the outing some other time. haha, actually, i'm just sour-graping out here, bear with me. kiddin!

anyway, Maundy Thursday was spent with Simon's college barkadas. We went to Shiela and Jake's house at Summerfield and checked out their balikbayan box, where we spent for an untimely shopping spree. haha. but we thought that everything we bought were necessities (please convince me how an adidas rubber shoes is a necessity as well), we thought that they were all good buys. everything was discounted, mostly half off. after that, they went to our house to check out our new home. they loved it and they kept on telling us to get the place and buy it from the owners. hehe. we're still praying for it and hopefully, we'd get an answer soon.

Good Friday, we had a couple of visitors. Ate Norene, our ate in the Music Ministry, had her vacation here in manila. she's assigned in bangkok already but went home last sunday for holy week vacation. she visited us with achie and they recorded some of their most-requested songs. backgrounder, they had a group before composed of ate norene, simon, achie, valora and mark. they used to sing on weddings and then they suddenly took different paths, one left for US, one left for bangkok and the rest just became busier so the group was kinda disbanded. When they went here, they were excited to try out Simon's new condenser microphone from which he asked ate valora to buy it for him in time of her trip back here. They had a great time while i was busy playing with simone and cooking pasta for them and lumpiang shanghai. it's simone's 13th month birthday so it's part of the celebration as well.

Black Saturday, we just spent it at home. we wanted to go out but we decided to rest and enjoy a laid-back afternoon. what we had was more than that. we took a dip to our swimming pool. haha. yes, we have a swimming pool. simone got three on her birthday and simon excitedly prepped the largest one for both of us. yey! that's how we celebrated our monthsary. it was so relaxing and refreshing, it's summer already! we went to the mall for quick errands.

Easter Sunday, we attended the first service. simon stayed until the second since he was assigned for the praise and worship that time. i had to go home coz simone was sleepy and i wanted to watch the launching of GMA Kapuso ID. Unfortunately, i was'nt able to watch it. dang, internet! got hooked with surfing, i missed it. thanks to the wonders of youtube, we were able to watch it the morning after. That afternoon, we learned about Auntie Shirley. But God is good. I know His ways are more powerful and wonderful than our thoughts and ways.

That's it. No matter where you stayed and how you spent it, it's best that you reflected and spent it with the one who gave His life for us. Happy Easter!

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