Saturday, March 08, 2008

Couples' night

We attended a couples' night last night, sponsored by our church. It's our second time to attend such but we were asked to be hosts the first time we attended so technically, last night was our first couple's night. It was fun and we still can't believe that we are lined up with our ninongs and ninangs already, well status-wise. haha. we're getting older!

Of course, the romance and the fun were there. There were a lot of games and the finale was a question and answer portion. The kind where you have to answer and both you and your spouse have to give the same answer. We were'nt able to join that game but we tried to answer on our seats. And my husband just swept me off my feet, when he told me that he has an ultimate dream surprise for me. He wishes to give me a set of car keys, well not the kind of Chevy grilles but my ultimate dream car, CR-V. Actually, it's not about the car anymore but the fact that my husband still has that "kilig" factor that keeps me fall in love with him. Hey, we're not rich people and we have to work hard to be able to buy things we want and it just gives me a good feeling that despite and inspite of that, he remains to be the same guy i've known.

I love you beh and whether we get that dream car or not, i'd still love you the same way i only know. (basta ba may bahay at lupa na e. bwahahaha!)