Saturday, March 08, 2008

The one with the playroom

Last week, we had a good accomplishment. We transformed the other room to simone's playroom! We were so excited that we bought rubber mats and collected all her toys in that room. I used the disney characters I used from her party and put them up in the wall, as well as the Simoneland letters I made. We have two sets of chandelier balloons also from the party that simon hung up in the ceiling and we used the pink and yellow curtains my mom in law sew for her. very nice!!! we also placed one small TV so we could watch while she plays. We also hung up the two pinatas left from her party since the Pooh was given to Jhoanne's daughter.

We are so happy with the result and we're proud since we did'nt spend so much for it. we only spent for the rubber mats. And seeing the reaction on simone's face when she saw the room, it's priceless. She's so happy when she's inside her playroom. It's like she has her own room and that everything inside that room is hers. haha. I will sure post the pictures as soon as i've uploaded it from the camera. :)

~ o~

After that fulfilling accomplishment, I've lots of backlogs since I spent my time mostly for simone's party and now that the party's over, i'm back to reality. Being engrossed with the preparations, I was surprised that I was'nt able to find a pen in my bag! as in, it's something that i can't do without. and because of that, i had to buy my bic pens immediately from NBC and wrote my itinerary for next week. hahaha. after i bought the pens, i laughed and said to myself that i'm impossible. i could have waited for me to go home and write about my itinerary. well, it was more of a momentum for me. I just felt the need for it, lest i forget. oh well, whoever says i'm normal. haha. So, what's my itinerary? Nah, you would'nt want to know. :)

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