Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The one with what i love most about being a mom

I have so much to catch up with the tags and links that i got. To start off, I'm finally answering Mai's question on "What I love most about being a mom". I noticed she used the top 12 format, so we'll also go with that. thanks mai!

12. While every other member of the family may be present around her, your baby will still go to you and cling to you as if she has'nt seen you for a long time. Nothing boosts my joy more when Simone approaches me to be carried even if her lolas and lolos are around.

11. When you go home from a hard day's work, your baby welcomes you with a "looks-like-never-seen-in-one-year-hug" and it literally shoos every inch of stress from you. I love it when simone hugs me as if i left for abroad or as if we have'nt seen each other for a long time, to think that i only left for a couple of hours.

10. While being there to witness all her first milestones, I was also there to witness her first bumps and bruises brought by her toddler energy level. And when all she could do is cry and hug me tight while mommy gives her comfort, i'm more comforted hearing her saying, "Mooommmyyy, Maaammmaaayyy" I feel like I'm better than a doctor on call. haha.

9. Knowing that we are our child's world holds true and same when we say that they are our world as well. Our lives suddenly changes, our plans for ourselves suddenly are redirected to all our focus and attention to our baby. No decision can be made without considering our child's welfare. You are suddenly taking steps out of your comfort zone. We decided that I be a Work-At-Home mom during Simone's first years -- a decision that never crossed my mind until i gave birth.

8. When you see her do and imitate what you do, it makes you proud that you are your child's first teacher. Everything that she will become is what you have taught her to be. When simone learned how to sign "pray" before she eats and whenever we ask her to, I know we're on the right track. On the other hand, she has learned to open the DVD using her Big toe, apparently, she saw it from me too. haha.

7. Being able to sleep tightly, i mean literally tightly since my husband is squeezing me on my left and simone on the other side, where the other side of the bed is so much vacant. haha. It makes me feel that i somehow provide security for them.

6. Being able to shop selflessly. And coming from me, this is a very good testimony. I surrendered my shopping addiction when simone was born. Suddenly, I found myself not shopping for myself and going home with new baby stuff and clothes for her, from which my husband will raise an eyebrow with.

5. While taking care of your baby is the most fulfilling thing to do, Simone holding my hands tight and kissing me like there's no tomorrow is my way of assuring myself that i'm doing the right thing. That way, my baby is taking care of me too.

4. Embracing motherhood has been a very blessed journey. God has given me confidence more. I was confident before, but now, i feel like "face me with the president, i can talk to her confidence". I enjoy the sense of maturity that comes along with motherhood.

3. I love that we are celebrating Mother's Day too!

2. I love the fact that whilst I thought I had high pain tolerance, giving birth with all the stitches was not a walk in the park. But you see, seeing that once little and fragile baby came out of you turning now as an active and not so little toddler, I'd always say this proudly: Everything was soo worth it!

1. And even if she grows up to be a lady with her own identity, own personality, I love that I'll always see a part of myself in her.

God is so good to have blessed mothers with the gift of a love that knows no boundaries. Although it may not be as unconditional as what He did for us, the miracle of life truly does a lot of miracles for us.

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Mai said...

very well said mommy jacque! simone is truly blessed and lucky to have you as her Mom.

thanks for answering the tag. :)