Sunday, June 08, 2008

The one with a family sunday

We spent it with the Tans at a dinner in Shang Mall. It's the 8th and since momsie and popsie are staying for a day at the hotel, we decided to hold the thanksgiving outside and ate at Cravings. We all had the buffet salad and soup and chose one main course each since their serving is good for just one person. We had a great time! Simone had a great time too! Despite her colds, she was still her active and restless self. haha.

here are some pics...

The Tans (with some friends whom they saw yesterday)

popsie and simone

when you ask her to pose, this is what she does...cute noh?

But the sweetest part for me was when she was with her her tito chris and tita mercy. She gave more than the usual time she'd allow to be carried by anyone and it's soo cute! I soo love this picture. buti pa sila may family pic, kme tatlo wala. haha

when we went to the hotel, i loved their room. the bed looked like it came from a furniture catalog. it was so big. and the best of all, they got the room for free! goody!

more stories to tell...i love long weekends!

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